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Insurance discussions are at best dull, confusing, and often frustrating. It is a conversation that no one likes to have, often equated to having an elephant in the room. Like so many agencies, we want to make this conversation a little less challenging: hence meet HICCUP.


HICCUP is the elephant in the room, but HICCUP is warm, funny, clumsy, and embodies our human quandaries. We named him HICCUP because, like a pothole, his shenanigans are what we need to avoid but often find ourselves in the middled of before we realize what happened. Depending on the situation, we will use HICCUP for various acronyms such as: Health Insurance Covers Cost of Unexpected Procedures: Health Issues Can Create Unimaginable Payables: Having Insurance Can Calm Ur Pulse.

We hope you will enjoy our elephant in the room and as always, please remember the folks at Elite Benefits Group are here to help you navigate the system and find the insurance plan that best fits your needs.